September 14, 2008

Reflection in the Gray Morning

WELL, THAT WAS A disappointing Saturday, wasn't it? However, I can assure readers I am recuperating this morning through listening to uplifting music! Shostakovich. Chamber Symphony, Op. 110a. It is not snowing outside but with this music playing it feels like it.

As much as it may surprise Loyal Rant Readers, I have actually reconciled myself with Michigan's loss to Notre Dame yesterday. In part, this was because Ohio State suffered a much more grievous loss to evil USC last evening.

There is little worse than suffering a humiliating blowout on a national stage, particularly when one has hopes and dreams of winning a national championship, and Ohio State's hopes and dreams died last night in Los Angeles. It would have been one thing to merely lose to USC, but to lose 35-3, and to be so utterly crushed in the process, had to have been devastating to the Ohio State faithful. Also, as Southern California is a program made up of complete bastards, and whose partisans are also complete bastards, the loss hurts even more for the Buckeyes. For justice demands USC be thrown down to the depths like Capernaum. But the day will come soon enough.

But Ohio State's loss only salves the wound Michigan suffered because it puts Michigan's situation into perspective. Ohio State was the No. 5 team in the nation, whereas Michigan was No. 37, according to Massey Ratings' excellent rankings comparison scheme. We are now arguably somewhere in the mid-fifties -- which is about where we were last year, if I remember right.

There is a lot to like about Michigan even though it is a rebuilding year. It is important to remember Coach Rodriguez finds himself in a situation not of his own making, and as such must go to war with the army he has. The recruiting for future years looks promising, and our glorious freshman running back, Sam McGuffie, would appear to have extreme development potential. As a freshman he cut through Notre Dame like a hot knife through butter; it stands to reason that in a few years he will do the same to much better teams.

Things will get better. I liked the look on Coach Rodriguez's face at the close of the game. He was angry at losing, and that was good. For a man who does not want to lose will find a way to win.

Speaking of winning -- uh, don't look now, but Penn State is looking kinda scary.

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