September 14, 2008

Glory! Pittsburgh Wins Again!

THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS ARE VICTORIOUS! How wonderful that two games into the season, we are an amazing 2-0 and our major divisional archrivals, the hapless Cleveland Browns and pathetic Cincinnati Bengals, are both 0-2! Clearly we are well on our way to the playoffs yet again. Now, it's time for some Football Q&A with Loyal Rant Readers.

Q: Uh, aren't you going to mention the score?

I don't see why. We won. They lost. That's what's important here.

Q: It was 10-6.

Yeah, but it was 10-6 in weather conditions that can only be described as downright miserable. It was muggy and hot. Plus, there were sustained winds of 25 mph and gusts upwards of 50 mph, driving rains that weren't too visible on television, debris flying in from the field -- it was a truly miserable night. Fun to watch, but miserable.

Q: Wouldn't the Browns have won if they had gone on fourth down late in the game, instead of kicking a field goal? Thus, isn't it all Romeo Crennel's fault?

I'll hear no talk against Mr Crennel here. I like Romeo Crennel. Remember, the Browns are my second team and so I do like them, even if I want to see them lose against Pittsburgh. That said, I would not have made the decision to go for a field goal -- the Browns needed a touchdown, it was one of the few times they were within sight of the end zone, and with just three or so minutes left it would be unlikely they would get the ball back. But that's just me.

Q: Didn't the Steelers look a bit off tonight?

Yeah, but only a bit. Besides, the weather had a bit to do with that. But that's OK, as failing to crush the Browns on national TV will only lull our opponents into a false sense of security. Again, to reiterate: we won, they lost.

Q: What did the folks back home think of the game?

Well, Dad was happy, and I understand that Mom and Jesse took it well. It wasn't like it was a blowout. Of course, the folks back home had to scramble. Right before the game went on, the Kepples were among the more than 336,000 households in the greater Cleveland area to lose their electric service due to the remnants of Hurricane Ike. That forced the Kepples to act fast. Among their clever moves: rigging up two five-inch, black-and-white battery-powered portable televisions to watch the game in the living room.

Q: Uh, didn't you have one of those televisions in your room when you were in high school?

Yeah. What, you thought the Kepples would just toss them, just because they're more than a decade and a half old? Ha! They're called durable goods for a reason! The Kepples do NOT throw away durable goods if they work! (The rarely-used popcorn popper at home is older than I am).

Q: It's a good thing the switchover to digital service hasn't happened yet.

They had a battery-operated radio in the event the televisions ran through their batteries.

Q: Did the power come back on?

The power came back on immediately following the conclusion of the game -- something I think everyone could have expected.


That's not a question, but I was impressed with how the Patriots played. The Jets, not so much. I daresay the game was more about the Jets screwing it up rather than the Patriots playing all that great. Of course, the same could be said for the Cleveland-Pittsburgh game tonight. So it seems clear the real question now is how the Pats will do against shockingly good Buffalo. Where did the Bills come from? I mean, we knew they would be better this year, but they're really off to a stunning start.

Q: Wouldn't it be something if the Rays blew their lead in the AL East, and the Red Sox --

Baseball season's over, son.

Q: I hate Peyton Manning.

Well, that's an understandable reaction -- although I have to admit that I do like these new Sony commercials in which he is appearing.

Heh heh heh. I still hate Peyton Manning though, even if he is funny that one time. Unfortunately, Rocket Arm managed to figure out a way to beat the Vikings today. Gee, and that first half went so well too. But the Vikings kinda ... well, blew it. It's a bit much to ask your field goal kicker to kick six field goals. The Vikings had to get in the endzone to win the game. They didn't, and Rocket Arm made them pay for it. Dammit. The good news, though: the Colts' running game sucked. So unless they get that going, we won't have to worry about them in the post-season.

Q: Simon From Jersey is a Lions fan. How does he do it?

True grit. Plus, when your team is bad -- and as a long-time Steelers fan, I remember when the Steelers weren't so great -- you kinda get used to it. But if I was a Lions fan, I would have been strongly tempted to throw something heavy through my television today. I mean, my God. The Lions are down 21-0 pretty much out of the gate, and are down 24-9 at the start of the fourth quarter. Then they score 16 unanswered points to take the lead halfway through the fourth. What happens next? Green Bay scores 17 points in the final minutes of the game -- including two interceptions returned for touchdowns.

When Detroit took the lead, I was this close to sending Simon a text message ("Yeah Detroit") but thought I would wait until the end of the game before doing so. After the 48-25 rout, I thought it might be better not to talk football, so I didn't. Oh, and fire Millen, for God's sake.

Next up, tomorrow night: Eagles at Cowboys. Go Eagles!

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