September 13, 2008

I May Throw Up

ACTUALLY, I WOULD HAVE ALREADY thrown up had it not been for the excellent and inspired performance of Sam McGuffie, Michigan's freshman running back, who will win the Heisman in a couple of years. You watch and see. As for the rest of Michigan's game against Notre Dame -- blech. Blech blech blech. What an absolute embarrassment. I mean, is it too much to ask that our players, you know, hold on to the ball?

The worst part was that Michigan, after getting its ass kicked in the first quarter, actually put the game within reach by halftime. Sure, give us hope, why don't you? God. 35-17. How awful was that?

The Rant grudgingly congratulates the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame on their victory and wishes them well during the rest of the season. Please beat Michigan State. That is all.

UPDATE, 7:52 p.m. Well, at least I didn't go to UCLA. Good God.

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