January 01, 2007

A Grudging Congratulations to USC

THE RANT WOULD like to offer its congratulations to the University of Southern California for its admittedly excellent win today over my beloved Michigan Wolverines. Despite its lesser academic credentials and its reputation as a haven for the overprivileged, to say nothing of its focus on foofy disciplines such as film, USC played an excellent game today and should be congratulated for its Rose Bowl victory. As we Michiganders know, it's tough to go through a football season with only two losses. So, again, congratulations to the USC Trojans for playing a great game and shredding our secondary six ways from Sunday.

God almighty, did they EVER shred our secondary. Oh, and they beat up our offensive line. Oh, and they sacked our quarterback practically every other play. Oh, and they outcoached us. In short, this USC lineup wasn't the same team that lost to UCLA. That said, there's always next year -- which will probably be another good one for the Michigan Wolverines, given our plethora of returning players.

But I digress. Again, my congratulations to USC and USC's football team on their victory. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry in my beer.

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