January 06, 2007

*Grumble* *Grumble* *Grumble*

SO THE COLTS WON and the Chiefs lost and the Cowboys won and the Seahawks lost (or not; see above -- eds.) in today's NFL playoff matches. As someone who dislikes Indianapolis and detests Dallas, I found this most annoying. So annoying, in fact, that I'm going to reserve comments on the whole matter until later, when I can think clearly about these events. Until then, though, as a cheer-up enjoy the commercial which has actually caused me to warm up to Dunkin' Donuts. But only slightly.

For the record, "Fratalian" was the language I was conversing in tonight to express my amazement and surprise at how the Colts brought the hammer down on Kansas City. I mean, come on. Stupid Peyton Manning throws three interceptions and suddenly the rest of the team shows up? Crikey. Of course, Kansas City played horribly* the entire game, but boy.

* Is there a more graphic phrase than "horribly" to use at that point in the sentence? Such as, say, "incredibly incompetent football?" I'm sorry, but when one's kicker shanks a 23-yard field goal off the uprights -- after a momentum-changing turnover and drive -- there's something wrong with one's football team.

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