December 20, 2007

One Down, One to Go

SO THE GLORIOUS Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the St. Louis Rams this evening, 41-24. For the most part, it was a great game to watch. Pittsburgh's offense ran up and down the field pretty much with impunity -- our first play on offense was an 83-yard reception -- and while our defense didn't look all that great, it did better than in past games. Our special teams remained not very special, but we did have a sweet fake punt play that went for a first down and set up a nice score. Now that's Pittsburgh Football. Hopefully, our offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians, will realize that -- like cowbell -- you can never have enough sweet trick plays in the arsenal.

Of course, there were a few minor issues that cropped up during the game. Our run defense still wasn't as good as it could be, and our offensive line remained weak. We had a few dropped balls on defense, Roethlisberger got sacked a bunch of times, and Willie Parker broke his leg and is out for the season. Still, on balance, it was a good game and much needed victory, and --

READERS: Wait, what? Willie Parker broke his leg? Isn't he your best running back?

Well, yes. But we've got strong support in that position from Najeh Davenport and Carey Davis, and --

READERS: Willie Parker broke his leg?

Yeah, OK, I guess. I mean, it didn't look like he did. It wasn't like it was a Theismann-esque injury and the guy's tibia was sticking out. He got carted off into the locker room and it seemed like an ankle injury at first, but as it turned out he broke his leg. I am hoping this is some kind of clever deception, kind of how Tom Brady has supposedly had a "sore right shoulder" since his 11th birthday. But if not, that's the way it goes, and --

READERS: Doesn't this mean you're thoroughly screwed?


READERS: Why is Hines Ward wearing a leather helmet emblazoned with the Steelers logo on the NFL Network's post-game show?

The man just set another team record. He can wear whatever he wants to wear on the post-game show. By which I mean, "I have no idea." Now come on -- we're 10-5, and we're in the perfect position of being able to watch Cleveland and Tennessee battle it out on Sunday with absolutely no worries whatsoever. Even better, we now have ten days to rest up for our epic end-of-season battle with the evil Baltimore Ravens. In the meantime, I'm going to patiently wait for the NFL's latest "Time to Get Your Story Straight" commercial.

Speaking of resting up, The Rant Will Be Away until Thursday, Dec. 27. Until then, check out the archives, the blogs on my blogroll, and what not. Also, I hope all of my readers have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at December 20, 2007 11:27 PM | TrackBack

God Bless the Buckeyes and the Browns. Tell Michigan to call us next time your asses feel like actually PLAYING football. Also the loss of Parker means that the brownies might be able to hand a can of whup ass to your well deserved pittsburgh asses. Oh, and by the way, tell your team to get a respectable God Damn Football field.

Posted by: ??? at December 25, 2007 01:08 AM

Oh, go buy a bullet and rent a gun.

Posted by: Benjamin Kepple at December 25, 2007 07:18 PM
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