December 17, 2007

Summing Up Michigan's Coaching Choice

THERE'S ONLY ONE WORD that can truly do justice to the University of Michigan's successful hiring of West Virginia football coach Rich Rodriguez. That word is: HAIL.

For a full run-down on what it means and all that, go visit M Go Blog, which is doing a great job at explaining all of this and what it will mean for the team. The gist, from what I can surmise, is that we'll have a great coach who knows the spread offense inside and out, and can teach our team how to defend against it. This has been a huge problem for Michigan in years past and now, we're finally going to get that handled. Again: HAIL.

It will undoubtedly take time for Rodriguez to get everything in order at Michigan, but I'm confident that within a couple of years, he'll have us back in fighting form. That means that within a few years, we won't have to take any more crap from Ohio State and the SEC and all the Big Ten-haters out there. I am really excited about this and looking forward to Michigan football in the years to come.

Oh, and the fact Rodriguez came from West Virginia, and all the Mountaineers are rending their garments and gnashing their teeth? That's like some kind of sweet bonus. I can understand why they're upset, I guess, but I'm just too happy about getting Rodriguez to coach our team to care what they think. Well, except for a little bit of gloating. And so I have just one word to say to West Virginia:


Oh, and HAIL. HAIL to the Victors!

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