October 21, 2007

HAIL to the Victors!

AH, THE JOY OF VICTORY. How wonderful was it to see the Michigan Wolverines throw down the Fighting Zooks of Illinois? Rather wonderful -- even if one considers Michigan's 27-17 victory over the Illini was as much a function of Illinois blowing it as much as Michigan winning it. Illinois could have stayed in this game until the end if it hadn't been for some truly stupid penalties and a blown punt return that gave Michigan the ball deep in enemy territory. So thanks, Illinois! Hey, maybe Michigan will move up to No. 23 or No. 24 in the BCS standings!

This now marks the Wolverines' sixth victory in a row this season and makes us bowl eligible. Maybe we'll even get to the Rose Bowl this year, but I'd settle for the Citrus Capital One Bowl or, the way this year is going, the Outback Bowl. What? Hey, now look -- I've already had my hopes and dreams dashed this year, so it makes sense to ratchet down my expectations accordingly. By the way, if you ever wondered how the bowl games for the Big Ten conference get arranged, here's how.

The football this weekend was pretty good and in some cases downright amazing. Greg Schiano, Rutgers' coach, is some kind of playcalling genius. I was sorry to see Rutgers knock off No. 2 South Florida but couldn't believe the moxie of Rutgers' squad, especially the punter-throwing-for-the-touchdown play. Holy Mary.

Also, who would've thought Vanderbilt -- Vandy, for God's sake -- would have knocked off No. 6 South Carolina? Unfortunately, I didn't get to see any of this game because I am stuck in New Hampshire, but crikey. The Auburn-LSU game, of which I saw most of the second half, was also downright incredible. I felt bad for Auburn because I hate them less than I do LSU, but my God, what -- a -- game. I can't believe LSU went for a last-second touchdown when they could have kicked a game-winning field goal -- they were down by one point, after all -- but they did and it put the knife in Auburn's hopes.

OK, now for the NFL. Loyal Rant Readers have deduced that I am, again, not at Billy's Sports Bar watching the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is because Pittsburgh is playing at 8 p.m. and I can watch it here at home. Besides, if I did go to Billy's today, I'd get treated to watching the Patriots blow out the Miami Dolphins, which I can also do at home. It's fair to say the game, which is going on right now, is downright ridiculous. I mean, come on. It's 42-21 in the fourth quarter and that's only because the Patriots are being nice and pulled out all their good guys at halftime.

The 4 p.m. game available here isn't any good either: Minnesota v. Dallas. Oh, boy. That's swell. But here are a few observations I'd make of the NFL season so far:

* New England is an amazing football team but I think there's a good chance they'll get whacked when they play the Colts and/or the Steelers, their main competition in the AFC. The fact Dallas was able to hang with them for most of that matchup shows the team is beatable. That said, NOW it's 49-21 in Miami. Christ.

* The Rant would like to thank the Buffalo Bills for knocking off the evil Baltimore Ravens today, 19-14. This makes the Ravens 4-3 and two games behind the glorious Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1). Sweet.

* The Detroit Lions are 4-2. Would anyone have expected this at the start of the season? I mean, they have done all right for themselves this time around. Maybe they'll get a shot at the playoffs this year. It's certainly possible at this point. The last time I actually remember Detroit being in the playoffs was 1983, although I think they've been in the post-season since then.

* I'll admit I am rooting for the Jets to beat the Bengals this week, just because I can. So far on this first drive, it looks like the Jets are in command of the situation.

* I think the Cleveland Browns could actually go 8-8 this season. No, really. 8-8.

* I am pretty confident Pittsburgh will crush the evil Denver Broncos tonight; Denver has proved to be a pretty weak team thus far this year and the Steelers, save in one game, have played excellently. I think that will continue.

Anyway, that's it for now, but hope everyone out there is having a good weekend.

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The Lions have been in the playoffs several times since 1983, but the only time they have won a game was in 1991. They beat Dallas 38-6 in the Silverdome, then got their asses kicked in the NFC Championship Game by the Redskins 41-10 the next week.


P.S. About 3 weeks ago the Lions honored the last championship team, the one from 1957! This year will NOT end that drought.

Posted by: Eric at October 22, 2007 03:13 PM
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