September 05, 2007

Woooooooo! We're No. 32! We're No. 32!

IF YOU'RE A FOOTBALL FAN like me, you generally find the major college football rankings out there -- the AP poll and the USA Today coaches poll -- a bit lackluster. For one thing, they only rank the top 25 teams, which isn't very helpful in a division of 120 squads. For another, these polls can sometimes be a bit weird, ranking some teams higher than they ought -- ahem -- and others correspondingly lower.

However, there are sites out there that offer a more comprehensive look at college football rankings. One is Kenneth Massey's Massey Ratings site, which crunches the numbers from more than 30 polls and rankings. In doing so, it offers a good look at all 120 I-A* teams. This week's figures show the University of Michigan's football squad, which had been ranked No. 5 in the major polls, now checks in at ... No. 32.

I hate to say it, but given how Michigan performed last week, I think that's a bit generous.

Still, hope springs eternal and the Wolverines can get a boost to their season this weekend through knocking off the scrappy Oregon Ducks, now No. 28 on the list. Provided we beat No. 52 ranked Notre Dame in the following week, we should be physically and mentally prepared at that point to face the highly-ranked Penn State Nittany Lions, whom you KNOW are just waiting to pound Michigan into the dirt. We have ruined too many of their seasons in the past few years and they would love to kick us when we're down.

Also, it's worth noting Michigan State is ranked No. 57 on this list. They too are going to gun for us but this suggests they shouldn't get their hopes up. Yet.

* Also, what lame-o at the NCAA decided they were going to rename the I-A and I-AA designations with the monikers "Football Bowl Subdivision" and "Football Championship Subdivision?" It just doesn't work. So I'm sticking with I-A and I-AA, because -- wait for it -- those actually make sense.

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