June 04, 2007

You're in Steelers Country Now, Baby! Steelers Country!

BREEZEWOOD, Pa., May 22 -- ON THE DRIVE from Washington, D.C. to Cleveland, motorists will come across Breezewood -- for decades, a sort-of tourist oasis promised land -- about halfway through their journey. Just prior to getting on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, drivers will find all the necessities they might require -- food, gasoline, perhaps a place to spend the night. Also, there's a gift store selling a huge array of Pittsburgh Steelers merchandise.

It was good to be among friends.

After a disappointing lunch in which several teenagers clad in Ohio State garb ran amok around the quick-service restaurant, the gift shop across the way stood gleaming in the midday sun as a beacon of hope. Inside, there were myriad Steelers-themed souveniers, ranging from bumper stickers (bought one) to bobblehead dolls (took a pass) to mugs (already had a set). Plus, they had those giant "You're in Steelers Country!" banners on sale for $49.95.

Suddenly, I had an idea.

After all, I live and work not in Steelers Country but in Patriots Nation, home to the New England Patriots, with their demented-looking Pat Patriot decals and their hapless division opponents and their coach who dresses like a tornado victim. As such, most of the people I know are Patriots fans. Oh, sure, there are some outliers -- like the one guy at the office who, God help him, roots for Green Bay -- but generally speaking, I'm surrounded by Patriots fans.

As it so happens, the New England Patriots will host the glorious Steelers in Foxboro on Sunday, Dec. 9, for what promises to be a stellar matchup. So, for several minutes, I seriously contemplated buying this giant banner -- six or eight feet wide -- and draping my desk with it when I left the office for that weekend. After all, what better way to loudly trumpet my Steelers loyalty? What better way to remind my colleagues that Pittsburgh is coming to town for a good, cold-weather football game and would surely stomp over their beloved Pats?

Then I realized that roughly three minutes after I left for the weekend, my Steelers banner would probably suffer some sort of accident that required its washing in the nearest men's toilet, or being burned out in the parking lot. My bright idea suddenly became a bit less bright. However, I did splurge on a minor surprise that should do the trick without causing too many issues. Unless, of course, the unthinkable happens and Pittsburgh loses in December. Then I'm in for about a month of teasing.

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Do you know what the name of the store is?

We can not find it. We visited the store on vacation. It was cool

Thanks for your help

Posted by: Jeff at August 9, 2008 08:13 PM

Kicked the patsies butts!
I am going to the Cowboys game from the DC area. I am going to stop at this store!

Posted by: steel kickin at December 3, 2008 06:52 PM
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