May 14, 2007

The Rant is Away ...

... UNTIL MONDAY, JUNE 4. This is because The Rant is soon departing on a well-deserved vacation to various points along the Eastern Seaboard, the Great Lakes, and the South, and The Rant will have little to no access to the blog, much less anything like e-mail or what not. Thus, the entire trip will be an exercise in relaxation, good times with friends, and so on.

There is a nice scene in "Ghostbusters!" where the guys are sitting around eating Chinese food, and celebrating their first client, Dana Barrett. Venkman, being Venkman, says he wants to draw on petty cash to take Dana out to dinner; after all, he says, they don't want to lose her. This prompts a classic response from Ray: "Uh, this magnificent feast represents the last of the petty cash." The clear emphasis behind it is that they all need to get to work, and soon.

Obviously, I'm not facing penury any time soon, but I do think this will be the last great vacation I get in a while. So in that spirit, I've dubbed this trip the Last of the Petty Cash Tour. I'll have a lot of work on my plate when I return, but I plan to really enjoy my trip in the meantime, and have fun.

So until my return, check out recent entries, hit the links on the blogroll, and all that. Thanks again, as always, for continuing to read The Rant despite my infrequent posting, unexplained absences, and general irritability. Then again, the general irritability and perpetual frustration, disbelief, scorn and feelings of nausea expressed here are probably selling points! But you get the drift.

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