April 28, 2007

It's Like Some Kind of Bonus

OK, I HAVE TO ADMIT I was enjoying watching Brady Quinn squirm like the overhyped wretch he is during Saturday's NFL draft. The boy shows up as if he's God's gift to the National Football League, and he gets passed over time and time again -- to the point where the NFL offered Quinn's party a private suite, so as to spare him any further public embarrassment. Then, after all that, who picks up Quinn but the Cleveland Browns!

As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, for me this is like some kind of bonus.

Quinn strikes me as a good but not great quarterback who has been madly overhyped because he played for Notre Dame. Quinn performs well due to his coaches and teammates, but folds up whenever he faces honest-to-God pressure. In short, he's just as annoying and pathetic as Peyton Manning, except he doesn't have the modicum of talent Manning does. While some observers (hi Jesse) have said the Browns will have a good offensive line to defend their quarterback, I believe a rejuvenated Steelers squad will still be able to pressure Quinn -- especially considering that Pittsburgh drafted LaMarr Woodley, the noted defensive end from Michigan. Hell, it'll be old hat for him!

I think the Steelers have done OK in their draft so far, but I have to admit concern over the fact we haven't yet drafted a cornerback. Our secondary just got shredded last season and it bothers me more steps haven't been taken to address that. On the whole, though, I'm pleased with Pittsburgh's picks so far, and I can't really fault them for using their first pick to fill Joey Porter's shoes. But to see Leon Hall go to the Cincinnati Bengals -- that just hurt, especially when he was there for Pittsburgh to take.

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