April 09, 2007

Stones the Builders Rejected

IN AN EXCLUSIVE STORY, the Associated Press revealed this weekend that 1.4 million outstanding arrest warrants are currently active in Pennsylvania, a calculation made possible due to the Keystone State's new statewide court computer system.

Like many readers, I was astonished at just how many active warrants were outstanding. After all, that's like 1 warrant for every 10 Pennsylvanians. However, after doing some digging, I was able to learn more about the problem. Here, then, is a handy graph showing the proximate causes for why arrest warrants were issued to all those Pennsylvanians:


NEWS ITEM: The AP recently revealed
1.4 million outstanding arrest warrants were
active in Pennsylvania. What kicked off the
chains of events that led to these warrants
being issued?


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