October 18, 2006

Now is the Time When We Mock the Cincinnati Bengals

SO LAST WEEK, as I was about to go to bed on Thursday, I discovered an e-mail from the Rev. Uncle Dave, which merely contained the standings for the AFC North, the National Football League's toughest division. These standings showed Baltimore on top of the division with a 4-1 record, the Cincinnati Bengals next at 3-1, the Pittsburgh Steelers at 1-3 and the Cleveland Browns ... well, last.

Stung as I was by this message, I was pleased to see that in the days following, Baltimore and Cincinnati BOTH LOST, while Pittsburgh CRUSHED the Kansas City Chiefs. Why, even Cleveland ... well, they had a bye week, but the way things are going there, that's practically a win.

So now the plot thickens, and the chase for the AFC North championship remains close -- especially considering the Bengals lost to TAMPA BAY. Gad, now that's just pathetic. Tampa Bay! Oh, and it gets even better. This week, Cincinnati must face a decent Carolina Panthers team, while Pittsburgh will face a hopefully-weakened Atlanta Falcons squad. As for Cleveland ... well, they're playing Denver, so they're in trouble. But one can always hope things will turn out for the best.

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