January 13, 2005

The Year That Was

VIA ALLISON BARNES, we have learned of a new "meme" floating around the blogosphere which has bloggers noting the first sentences of their first posts from each month during the year. In doing this, we realized a few things:

1) We really need to eat better and get more sleep.
2) We need to inform our readers better when we're going away.
3) We are really tired all of the time.
4) This is really a fun hobby.

JANUARY: WE HAVE BEEN AMUSED to see all the analysis, the shock, the hand-wringing coming from fans of the Washington Redskins football franchise following the resignation of Steve Spurrier, the team's head coach.

FEBRUARY: THE STATES WE HAVE VISITED are in red, whilst the states we have not visited are in olive green.

MARCH: ANY REACTION TO JAMI BERNARD'S most recent column in the New York Daily News, in which she details the slings and arrows sent her way since her one-star review of "The Passion of the Christ," should start out with a spirited defense of her position.

APRIL: HAMILTON, BERMUDA -- Benjamin Kepple's Daily Rant, an Internet content provider based here, said its Web site was hacked sometime around 10 p.m. last night. The company has blamed Communism.

MAY: WE NOTE, with no small bit of amusement, that The Raving Atheist has vowed to join the priesthood should he win the New York State Lottery with numbers from a fortune cookie.

JUNE: IN A MOVE WE FIND deeply distressing, the Government of New Jersey has ruled that bars and night clubs may no longer offer women free admission to or discounted drinks at their establishments.

JULY: (By MacKENZIE LAURIER, Rant Canada) OTTAWA – Relations between Canada and the United States are at a new low after prominent Canadians accused America of influencing its election, and an advertising campaign launched immediately following the race hasn’t helped matters.

AUGUST: WE HAD BEEN inclined to applaud Halle Berry, whom we once saw in a James Bond film, for recently making some strong statements against the practice of women having plastic surgery.

SEPTEMBER: WE SUPPOSE we owe our readers a bit of an explanation as to where the devil we’ve been for the past week, and an apology for not bothering to post a message regarding our absence.

OCTOBER: WE SUPPOSE we should start the morning off with a sincere apology -- again -- for not blogging much this week.

NOVEMBER: FEELING FATIGUED and a bit bored this past Saturday, we splurged on a copy of “Rome: Total War,” the latest strategy game from the good, fine people at Creative Assembly Ltd. Our reaction to the program can be summed up in one word: wow.

DECEMBER: SO WE TAKE a mere eight days off from our blog, five of which were due to various Thanksgiving-oriented happenings, and our friends start sending us notes inquiring about our health, our personal situation, and whether we are in fact still breathing. (The answers, respectively, are "lousy," "fair-to-middlin'," and "surprisingly, yes.")

Stick with us as we roar into 2005, folks! Of course, we're already in 2005, but you know what we mean.

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