January 12, 2005

Well, We'll Stop Complaining

THE TINY HAMLET of Kaktovik, Alaska, is in the midst of a rather nasty blizzard which has forced temperatures to twenty below zero and wind chills to sixty below zero. These are conditions which make even us, somewhat used to New Hampshire's brutal winters, shudder.

Their power went out three days ago.

We are happy to note that rescue efforts to help the village, which had been stuck in a meterological nightmare of "Twilight Zone" proportions, have largely succeeded. Most homes in Kaktovik have had their power restored, and two tons of equipment were scheduled to be shipped -- by snowmobiles, if necessary. (The point of origin for that equipment was another hamlet, with the understandable name of Deadhorse).

We would further note that -- with the air temperature in Manchester supposed to reach at least 50 degrees tomorrow -- we shall not complain about New Hampshire winters for ... gee, maybe as long as a week.

(link via Simon From Jersey)

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