December 27, 2004

Think Merchandising, Man!

DEAN ESMAY is contemplating a name change for his extremely popular and always-informative blog, Dean's World. Mr Esmay reveals that when he started the blog, the name was somewhat of a joke; and further, his blog has evolved considerably since he named it such. Plus, he thinks the name cheesy.

We feel compelled to advise Mr Esmay that, in our humble opinion, he ought keep his blog named "Dean's World." After all, he does have six thousand visitors per day, which is no joke; and as such he has developed a rather well-known brand around the "Dean's World" name. Therefore, we don't think he should change the name at all. Rather, he should trademark it.

Then, to top it all off, Mr Esmay could develop a Nifty Catch-Phrase to go along with it. We mean, just think of the merchandising and promotional opportunities which the Dean's World (TM) name offers. T-shirts! Hats! Mouse pads! Tip jars! All branded under one cohesive, well-recognized label -- with the Added Marketing Power of a Nifty Catch-Phrase. Hey, it worked for Emeril Lagasse (R), didn't it? And he's got at least two Nifty Catch-Phrases.

So we would encourage Mr Esmay to keep the trusted "Dean's World" mark, just as we here at The Rant have kept Benjamin Kepple's Daily Rant as the title for our blog. This despite the fact we hardly post daily anymore, and don't rant nearly as much. But then, we have to keep it. Changing the name would be a major hassle with the regulators, and we'd suddenly have all our e-mails rerouted to Fiji, and we'd miss our earnings targets and we'd get a nasty call from the home office. These would not be good things.

So again, we would strongly encourage Mr Esmay to keep the "Dean's World" name. But he is encouraging comment from readers about the idea, so go over and chip in your two cents.

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