September 05, 2004

Not Dead Yet!

WE SUPPOSE we owe our readers a bit of an explanation as to where the devil we’ve been for the past week, and an apology for not bothering to post a message regarding our absence. However, we can assure folks that we are in relatively – relatively – good health and have an entirely believable excuse for our lack of posting.

To begin with, we have been sick and tired, both words being used in the literal sense. Our dreaded seasonal allergies, which taunt us like one of Satan’s imps, have not let up troubling us for the past few weeks. Furthermore, we find ourselves dealing with near-constant physical and mental fatigue, both of which are less than helpful as they relate to myriad aspects of our life. Among these aspects, naturally, is our blog and all that goes with it.

However, we just had a very nice visit from Simon From Jersey, who was in town for a while, and we were quite glad he traveled all the way from the Garden State to see us for a relatively brief sojourn here in Manchester. It made us feel as if we were doing more in this life than marking time. Together, we both watched some fine movies and ate well and drank a bit and talked about life and where we were going in it. It was too short a visit, but we still felt a sea-change because of it – for in those hours, we were finally able to loosen up a bit. It has been a very long time since we did any loosening up, and it is well that we did, for at least a little while.

Switching gears for a bit, we can assure you that we learned much over the past two days, to wit:

* We learned that it is quite inadvisable to walk in front of an automobile negotiating a parking space in a mall parking lot, as the operator of said vehicle will refuse to yield to a pedestrian as called for under the laws of this state. Further, the operator will also crudely castigate a pedestrian for acting lawfully. We can assure you that it took a great deal of inner strength for us, at the minimum, not to suggest the driver and the driver’s mother make haste in performing an anatomically impossible act. It also took a great deal of strength for us not to suggest that the driver’s actions were anti-social, boorish, and indicative of mental deterioration which sprang from a) inbreeding, b) narcotics use or c) social disease.

* We learned that many restaurants in New Hampshire have decided to disallow smoking throughout their establishments. While we recognize the restaurants’ owners have the right to do this as private entities, we would especially appreciate it if the owners would post a sign at the front door warning us of this circumstance. This would make it more pleasant for both ourselves and the server, who has to listen to us gripe and moan.

* We learned that a movie-theatre operator, provided he possesses a mediocre amount of drive and a better-than-average eye for what the public wants to see, could frickin’ clean house in this city. That said, “Collateral” was a heck of a good movie.

* We learned that our father possesses an amazing amount of aptitude regarding auto mechanics, although before we were able to put his advice into practice, the problem with the car amazingly disappeared. You can see how well it worked!

Well, that’s our status update for now. We will celebrate Labor Day in the traditional Kepple fashion, by which we mean we will be at work, and get back into the swing of things later this week. However, we do hope that we’ll be able to do as much blogging as our readers expect and demand.

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Good to have you back, Ben. I was missing my Rant-fix. ;]

Posted by: Ironbear at September 8, 2004 11:14 PM