July 09, 2003

Say, Jerry, This Tastes a Bit Off ...

A German zoo owner is being investigated for allegedly eating his own wild animals, Sky News reports in its famed one-sentence paragraph style:

It is suspected Joerg Schlechte may have used the zoo as his personal larder.

He has already been fined for roasting pot-bellied pigs during a drunken barbeque.

But now police in Germany are looking into the fate of a host of missing animals.

They include a small buffalo, rabbits, donkeys, goats, racoons, parrots, a wild boar and even three Shetland ponies.

The animals were found missing when the zoo in Meissen, eastern Germany, was taken over by new owners.

Part of me wonders what all the fuss is about: so he had some friends over and they had a pig roast. On the other hand, if this fellow did some of these other things, it's pretty gross. I mean, what kind of man would willingly eat a raccoon? Since when did eastern Germany turn into West Virginia?

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