July 09, 2003

Comics Hijinks

You know, back when I was a boy, comic books never interested me all that much. Now that I'm an adult, they don't interest me much either -- but the news stories that spawn from them sure are interesting!

Iiiiiinteresting. But schtupid.

Anyway, this latest report comes from Fox News. Fox informs us that an unemployed, former exotic-dancer in Tampa claims she is the true creator of "Stripperella," that being the title of a new television show. Said former exotic-dancer has filed suit against Stan Lee, the creator of the show; Pamela Anderson, the lead performer, and myriad corporate entities, and would very much like the program to end.

Now, this is where things begin to get interesting. Let's turn to the Fox News report:

"This office challenges Lee to produce proof of his creative work, as true authorship belongs to Tanga's Jazz," she wrote, referring to an adult club in Tampa where she claims she asked Lee about the concept of Stripperella a year ago during a private dance session ...

"I'm just trying to get this off TV because it's not his idea," (the ex-dancer) told The Daytona Beach News-Journal. "She was supposed to be a nurse, which is what I'm studying for. I can't remember much about Mr. Lee, little bits and pieces come back. You know, I meet a lot of men."


Anyway, we here at The Rant will just say we would offer this example up as Exhibit A in any argument showcasing why our legal system is sick and needs help. However, we should note we also agree with the point which Allison Barnes made: "Why on earth she would admit to coming up with that crap is beyond me."

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