Comments: Whoa.

So let's get this straight. Arnold repeats, in several different forms, "everything must be provided for the people."

He pledges to work with Warren Buffet, a Democrat. Bonnie Reiss, a Democrat, is his strategist. Rob Lowe, a Democratic activist, may take a "senior campaign position."

He's pro-abortion but supports "sensible" gun control. His wife is a Kennedy. A few years ago, he said in an interview he would never forgive the Republican party. The programs he's helped along (BEFORE becoming Governor) will cost nearly half a billion dollars a year. He refuses to answer (or to hear) questions about his view on social policy.

A Republican? A fiscal conservative? I'm looking forward to those debates as well (though I don't expect them to be broadcast here).

Posted by Kevin White at August 15, 2003 09:29 PM