Comments: Finally, Someone Ate the Lobster

Actually....I had help eating both the six lb and the twenty-two lb AND the two fifteen lb lobsters that I had this past year for birthday #29.
I love lobster and every year since I can remember whether at home or in a restaurant I’ve always had it as my birthday meal (I guess you could say “it’s a family tradition”). The sixer was the kicker... My dad, brother and I were on a kick for a while where they would get steak or something else and I would get lobster and we would all split. When ordering, the waitress (doing a great job up selling I might add) said the largest size they had was a six lb, we had never seen one so big so we got it. This is Louisiana, so crawfish is our thing. We boil it 100 or so pounds at a time and invite all our friend and family. This is exactly what we did for both the 22lb and the two 15lbs. Nine of us total, with leftovers for the cook. My mom even made a special trip over from Florida. I have to brag; never in my life have I ever tasted a lobster (I have had lobster every different way) so sweet and tender and juicy all on its own, without the help of butter or seasoning or whatever else you want to drowned those scrawny little oversized crawfish they pass off for lobsters in those tanks. (There even smaller when you take them out of the magnifying aquarium and de-shell them. Two lbs suddenly turns into .25lbs)
Don't let anyone tell you "the smaller the better" or "the bigger they are, the tougher they get". They don’t know cause they weren't there! And for the record, I’m 5'5" 125lbs and very much in shape, not the “behemoth” (great word) all the papers and the news and the blogs made me out to be.

Posted by Summer Price at April 1, 2008 08:52 AM
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