Comments: Report: Dimbulbs Take Field for MSU

Amen, brutha.

Posted by simon from jersey at September 30, 2005 12:48 PM

so,what are you has no value?

most of you're argument is right on, and I say this as Penn State and Ohio State prepare to square off with some of our folks actually at the game and perhaps a BIG10 title on the line.


All are schools with similar issues to those you've expressed at MSU and nd (little letters for emphasis).

Last I looked, and how I (we, meaning us like...US...meaning you and me) were brought up, football, especially on the collegiate level, was an educational tool. The lessons would be

Teamwork...Stepping up when the chips are down, for your teammates and not a coach (who's usually someone without a clue, and CERTAINLY NOT the one struggling to help you to survive)...

Hiatory...human nature NEVER, EVER CHANGES..War? yup.Greed? yup. ..(causes war)...Disorganization? Causes dissention, and then war..greed, ( see above)

Perseverance: NEVER quit. Time might run out, for now...You might be down on the score at that point in time...and you might (gawd forbid!) lose that game.

If there's time left, THIS TIME, especially, or even if we're going again, Get up, depending on your co-pay and your "injuries," dust yourself off, or even cooler, DON'T dust yourself off, and stand tall, right then, and right at them, and say,


As for me, a two-word epitaph will do. Learmed from what I was taught about football...

Died trying

three good teams to watch, if you can, and watch the fight in them, it'll top any big ten game...

Rutgers (the inventors of the game)...

Posted by samuel clemons at October 7, 2005 11:39 PM