Comments: DEEEEtroit BASKetball, and Other Items of Note

Your impression of the Pistons-PAcers debacle is mostly right on point, though I'd mention that it appears that many of the fans who "charged the court" were actually just trying to get away from rampaging players like Ron "Will Somebody Explain to Me What Integrity Means and Why it Means I was Wrong to Ask for a Month Off to Promote My Rap CD" Artest, and contrary to your assertion that most of the fans "deserved what they got," the preliminary indication is that the players who attacked fans seemed to be attacking fans who had nothing to do with the initial beer-throwing incident whatsoever, and indeed seemed to attack at least one or two of the fans just because they were there.

Posted by Geoff Brown at November 22, 2004 12:08 PM


Well, like I said, I didn't get to actually SEE the fight, so I had to reply on media reports. Besides, I said *most* of the fans, and ...

OK, OK, so nobody's perfect. Geeeeez.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at November 22, 2004 05:57 PM

I know, but I had to stand up for the hometown crowd, you know? :-) And while the jackass fan who started the whole thing by throwing the beverage ought to have his ass handed to him, it was totally inexcusable for Ron "Miserable Piece of Shit" Artest to react the way he did. At least now he'll have all the time in the world to work on his rap career.

Posted by Geoff Brown at November 23, 2004 10:36 AM

The trouble is Artest beat the crap out of people not-involved, like the woman he put in the hospital. I think the only winner in this (besides those of us that think that spectator sports are a complete waste of time, emotion and money) is the lawyers. I hope the spectators sue the crap out of those goons. Of course this will probably help Artest's album sales.

Posted by Andrew Ian Dodge at November 23, 2004 11:17 AM

What Ian said. Except the part about the lawyers. Of course, you're probably right about that, too, but, here again, I have to stick up for my own.

Posted by Geoff Brown at November 23, 2004 11:35 AM