Comments: Investors Demand Inquiry on Rant Work Attire

Exclusive Report of the Bermuda Sun

Hamilton, Bermuda 15:30 Atlantic Time

Daily Rant Rocked by New Disclosures...The Bermuda Sun has received damning new evidence of questionable spending practices at Benjamin Kepple's Daily Rant Inc. These new disclosures come just hours after Daily Rant managment completed a news conference challening many of the rumors swirling around the troubled blogging giant. Documents now in possession of the Sun include purported copies of company purchase orders for hundreds of pairs of silk pajamas, cashmere smoking jackets, designer bedroom slippers and other luxury items. A Daily Rant press spokesman called the documents clear forgeries obvioulsy planted by competing internet titans. The spokesman added that the documents appear to have been produced using latest cutting edge software and hardware while the Rant continues to utilize Visicalc spreadsheets, Word Perfect 2.0 and dot matrix printers as its core technologies all of which have been considered obsolete for well over a decade.

Posted by Swammi in Solon at September 14, 2004 02:41 PM