Comments: It's a Good Thing Homer Was Blind ...

Ben - someone left a comment on my site about this very issue, thought you would find it interesting. Basically, the person's theory is that it is okay to do ANYTHING if it WINS. If it is a SUCCESS, then it's fine. (He gives multiple examples). But if, like with Troy, you take liberties with the well-known tale, and THEN it is a failure: all bets are off.

I guess I agree.

Posted by red at May 15, 2004 10:30 AM

The idea that this adaptation was intended to be an adaptation of the Iliad--which, as disappointingly few of the negative reviews have noted, begins and ends in medias res, not covering the choice of Paris, nor the Trojan horse, nor the death of Achilles--is mistaken. It's more an attempt to present the historic events on the ground which might have formed the framework for Homer's creation. With that in mind, it's an interesting and enjoyable epic, sans endless repetitions of "godlike Achilles" and "wine dark sea".

I've seen it twice, and I think Foreman's wrong. Watch it and form your own opinion.

Posted by Kerry at May 18, 2004 12:16 PM