Comments: In Praise of The Old Car

Mr. Kepple-

I myself am soon to drop (by soon I mean an hour or so) 600 ducats on a new exhaust system, new belts, a front headlight and an oil change. 600 seems like a lot, but really, its 1 to 2 car payments. My car has 172,000 miles and I take great pride in driving that glorious ride to Florida, New Hampshire and Mt. Washington's famed summit, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and next Charlotte, NC.

I am, like you, not a "car person." I hope to drive to atleast 250K on this focker.

Only then, will I give into buying a preowned, not new car. (Why take the initial depreciation hit, no?)

Got bless VW.


Posted by Simon at February 21, 2004 02:09 PM

Viva el Taurus! And long live the Clippers bumper sticker!

Posted by Scott at February 21, 2004 09:44 PM

Scotty: It's still there, I can assure you -- despite the wear and tear these New Hampshire winters apply. I remain convinced it kept the car safe from the predations of thieves during my time in Los Angeles.

Simon: Glad to see the VW remains in service. I remain ever grateful that we took YOUR car up to Mount Washington this past year, as opposed to the Ford. I don't think the Ford's brakes could have hacked it on the way back down -- I will have to take it in for that eventually.

You are, of course, right in that 600 ducats is cheap in comparison to buying a new car: most repairs, unless we are dealing with Replacing An Actual Engine, are cheaper than a down payment!

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at February 21, 2004 10:35 PM