Comments: Rhythm in Exile

Ok - I don't agree with most of your pics, but you can certainly make a good argument for them. Except Chris Isaak. In the entire history of music, I am willing to be there is at least one album better than that one.

Posted by Zach at February 13, 2004 09:43 AM

Hi Zach,

Well, I did only rank it sixth out of the list, although I must say in retrospect it probably deserved the No. 9 spot. But ah well. It's an enjoyable CD -- at least for me -- and as always, fabulous driving music. That's enough in my book!

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at February 13, 2004 06:24 PM

I'm guessing by your recent addition of Robert Mitchum as Captain Pug Henry to your collage that "War and Remembrance" may be a recent discovery for you. I remember when it first came to TV, when I was in middle school, I think, and my dad taped it all, and I watched it on tape several times. It prompted me to go out and get the novels "Winds of War" and "War & Remembrance" by Herman Wouk -- good reads, if you haven't read them yet...

Posted by Geoff Brown at February 15, 2004 07:43 PM


Yeah, they're great reads -- and I am thrilled that War & Remembrance is out on DVD. Now all we need is "The Winds of War!"

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at February 15, 2004 09:26 PM