Comments: So Bryan @ AWS Thinks I'm Insane, Eh?

You are surely an idiot.

For, whether jealous Easterners want to admit it or not, the Dallas Cowboys (and the Niners to be fair) are the two most popular franchises in the NFL, with the Packers in 3rd. This is true regardless of record and titles. All of these teams play in the far superior NFC.

Sure, the Steelers MAY be one of the most popular teams in the AFC, although I think the Dolphins, Raiders, Broncos, and Browns might have something to say about that.

You make one good point here. I won't EVER be caught arguing the greatness that was the STEEL CURTAIN. The 77-82 Steelers were no doubt incredible, and one of the best teams ever assembled.

HOWEVER, I see no valid point, other than one from an obviously deranged and obsessed fan, that could successfully defend calling the Pittsburgh Steelers "AMERICA'S TEAM." That is absolutely laughable.

My laughable franchise, the Detroit Lions, probably sell as much merchandise on the West Coast as the Steelers. I've lived in 3 parts of the country and you see Packers, Cowboys, and 49ers fans EVERYWHERE!!!!

Besides, I hope the Steelers miss the playoffs for eternity after giving Kordell "Hail Mary" Stewart the chance to embarass a once great franchise.

So while I believe the Steel Curtain defense should be mentioned along with the 80s Niners and the 90s Cowboys, don't think FOR A SECOND, that the Steelers somehow are ambassadors to the league. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!!!!

Posted by Simon from Jersey at June 9, 2003 03:49 PM

But what have they done for us lately?

I've lived in the DFW area for most of two decades, and was a massive Cowboys fan, even through the Chan Gailey years... But then we were cursed with the Campo years, and my interest in football itself started to wane (also coinciding with the rise of the Stars and Mavericks).

The Jimmy Johnson era (and let's face it, the Switzer Superbowl was a result of Johnson's lingering greatness) is far, far behind us. Nearly forgotten, in fact, in the flood of mediocrity we've had to endure since.

It seems to me the Cowher years haven't been all that kind to Steelers fans, either. The dominance of Bradshaw, Swan, Lambert, Harris, Mean Joe and others has been over for a couple of decades.

Granted, the Steelers are better and have been better than the Cowboys as of late; but it doesn't seem that cool to always fall short. Even the Niners have been plagued in recent years with their share of coaching and personnel problems.

These shouldn't tarnish the memories of the great years, but they are really just memories. Dallas Mavericks fans have shown a great capacity to forgive and forget all the past transgressions and failures of the Mavericks franchise; by the same token, I'm not going to excuse the Cowboys' embarrassing performances and poor choices of the last several years just because in some bygone decade they had some great performances and triumphs.

The Immaculate Reception is great football history. But you see, I was raised in Houston, by an Oilers fan, during Steeler dominance. My very first exposure to sports probably came in the form of my father and his buddies engaging in Steeler-bashing. Heh. :o)

Posted by Kevin White at June 9, 2003 04:02 PM

You know, Ben, just calling Pittsburgh "America's Team" over and over doesn't make Pittsburgh "America's team" any more than putting "Hockeytown" at Center Ice of Joe Louis Arena made Detroit "hockeytown" (I think Montreal and Toronto might have something to say about that).

Posted by bryan at June 9, 2003 04:35 PM

OK, if you're going to start bashing the Red Wings, we're going to need to take this outside :-D

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at June 9, 2003 10:40 PM