Comments: Even in Defeat, Michigan Outclasses Ohio State

I was perusing the blogs for info on the game. I doubt you will get your revenge any time soon. Rodriquez has a few trust issues with prospects. ... Michigan got what it deserved - a coach that didn't honor is alma mater or his contract and was the third choice of Michigan.

I never understood the elitist mentality of Michigan fans. Really, they are just hillbillies in drag.


Posted by hahaha at November 23, 2008 06:07 PM

Sir: I take it from your comment that you either attended Ohio State or West Virginia. I see you have not shed the inferiority complex that seems to go part and parcel with attending those institutions. Also, aren't you calling the kettle black with that last sentence?

Anyway, I would not normally respond further to such a gauche provocation, but I noticed your e-mail address contained the words "equity" and "quant" in it. As such, you clearly have a mind for finance and analysis, and can fully appreciate what I am about to say.

Not only do I hope you don't get a bonus this year, I hope you're so far below your high-water mark that you'll end up eating scrapple for Christmas dinner. I hope your rivals figure out your positions, that your brokers issue you innumerable margin calls, and that your bankers pick over your fund's bones like a flock of vultures discovering a lost herd of cattle in the desert. 'Cause His judgment cometh, and that right soon.

With love,
Benjamin Kepple

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at November 24, 2008 07:51 AM
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