Comments: This Recession Is Really Starting to Hurt, Part IV

This home is in East Detroit, one of the roughest parts of the Motor City. But I'd wager even Manchester has problem areas.

It seems to me has a choice here. Propogate fear about Detroit via old and easy stereotypes. Or, seize an opportunity to learn for one's readers about the many great things going on in our fair city. Although Detroit still has a ways to go, it also has made impressive strides over the last decade. Houses in crummy neighborhoods selling for one dollar may make for good blog material, but so do tales of resilience, happiness and cutting edge creativity in places that seem difficult.

Given the importance of football here, I'll also add that a valid Steelers fan would certainly have knowledge of the amazing and electric atmosphere Detroit provided for Superbowl XL...especially given that Detroit and Pittsburg are kindred spirits in many respects.

Posted by Anonymous at August 15, 2008 12:18 AM

SIR: I have to give credit to anyone who will stand up for Detroit, which can use all the help it can get. But as it happens, I actually have a soft spot for Detroit. I do not claim to know the city well but have visited enough to like it. (I even met Mayor Kilpatrick once, although he was here in New Hampshire).

My point in posting the video was not to make fun of Detroit but rather to post something funny. As a Michigander myself -- I am from Kalamazoo, which as you probably know is not exactly serene and peaceful -- I found this rather funny. Although I don't know if you are a regular reader, you should know I enjoy giving my hometown crap on a regular basis, but it is all done congenially, and out of love for the old place. The same applies in this instance. For when the chips are down, I support all things Michigan (except, of course, Michigan State) with a passion. Even, God help us, Flint.

As for Manchester, one could say it has problem areas. However, it all depends on your definition of a problem area. There is no place in the city where I feel unsafe traveling or visiting, even at night. This is in marked contrast to Detroit -- and Kalamazoo -- where there are places I would definitely NOT travel after nightfall. I do know things are improving in Detroit, and I am glad to hear that they are; but the city still has a long way to go.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at August 15, 2008 11:18 PM
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