Comments: My Football Loyalties Explained

Awesome. Simply Awesome. It stands to reason you may be the most complicated NFL fan out there, however kudos for the chart and explanation showing your clear stand on the right side of the complicated vs. crazy chart.

My core team is of course my beloved Lions. Secondary teams are 1-NY Jets, my AFC squad and local team and 2)Dallas, my family team. After that it gets complicated. Because Favre is gone, I no longer have an excuse to give the Packers any due (Kzoo's Greg Jennings aside) and they now drop squarely in the abhor category. Agreed re: the Bears, gotta respect em, even if you mostly root against them.

Core: Lions
Secondary: Jets, Cowboys
Likable: Saints, Chiefs, Jags, Bills, Browns, Falcons
Nod of Respect: Steelers, Bears, Colts, Chargers, Dolphins, Giants
Dislike: Bucs, Texans, Eagles, Seahawks, Titans
Detest: 49ers, Raiders, Rams, Cardinals, Bengals
Abhor: Packers, Panthers, Broncos, Ravens
Kill: Redskins, Vikings, Patriots

Posted by simon from jersey at August 13, 2008 12:41 PM
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