Comments: Business Ethics 101

Hi Benjamin,

I agree. Doing the right thing, even in relation to small issues, is not only ethical but will benefit oneself over the long term.

I particularly like the way in which you use vivid examples to demonstrate the point.

In my opinion, problems arise where people adopt short term perspectives. This is particularly so in business, where the adverse consequences from 'ethical shortcuts' are often not felt until well after the individuals responsible have left the company.

Take the example of the tobacco industry. The industry faces continual problems relating to litigation all across the world, particularly as the industry misled the public about the dangers of smoking for several decades.

The managers who were responsible have long gone, leaving current management to deal with the problems. So, whilst tobacco companies are facing consequences for their actions, the individual managers themselves have not been affected.

Nevertheless, I do agree that doing the right thing on small matters may well prevent problems down the road.



Posted by Andrew at June 26, 2008 05:55 AM
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