Comments: People Castigating People, II


Come on.

She's 33.

Posted by Dean Esmay at September 27, 2003 06:13 AM

The man next to Maria Bartiromo on your new banner is a rare (almost unique) investment maven who actually actually put the small investor's interests first. Equally rare he actually kept his own renumeration quite modest especially considering he is an actual living legend in the world of finance.

My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Jack at a small hotel in Bermuda where we all were staying about three years ago. Besides having great intergrity and smarts he was a very down to earth and warm human being.

Well enough hints. He is retired from his principal work for several years now but you can still catch his commentary occasionally around market close time on CNBC.

Posted by Swammi in Solon at September 27, 2003 09:43 AM