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"The above link provides team-by-team schedules for teams in the American Football Conference, as The Rant's Football Department figured no one would really be interested in teams from the other, second-rate conference"

You seriously wrote this? Just curious...who won the superbowl last year? Moreover, there has been more parity in the NFL than in any professional league in many years. "Poise and rationality" seems to me to reflect little of it.

Posted by Pitt sux at April 17, 2008 12:56 AM

Well, I wrote it -- although not entirely, as you say, seriously.

Anyway, as we're all aware, the New York Giants inexplicably won the Super Bowl last year. (Not that I really minded this.) However, one Super Bowl does not a trend make.

If one looks at the past eleven Super Bowls (XXXII through XLII), one can see the AFC won EIGHT of those eleven. Aside from the Patriots' loss, the other two Super Bowl losses came in SB XXXIV (Tennessee losing to the St. Louis Rams) and SB XXXVII (Oakland losing to Tampa Bay). The Tenn. loss to St. Louis went down to the last seconds, as you'll recall, and as for Oakland, well, it's Oakland. Fine with me.

My point is that the Bad Old Days (1982-1997), when the NFC far outclassed the AFC, are over and done with -- and God willing, done with forever. Although there might be parity in the league -- both Cincinnati and Atlanta stink, for instance -- the scales are clearly tipped in the AFC's favor. There is no getting around it: the NFC doesn't have a top-three combination like the AFC's New England, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh.

Besides, I'm an AFC partisan. What the hell do you expect me to write? I would invite you to explore the rest of the site, in which you can see I hate Dallas, I hate Green Bay, and I hate Washington and Philadelphia. Heck, about the only teams I don't actively detest in the NFC are the Bears and the Lions. Oh, and the Saints. Thus, how anyone could root for any of the 13 other NFC teams is absolutely amazing to me. Especially the Vikings. My God.

Of course, do take some of that with a bit of salt, because I am openly and gleefully partisan in my football commentary. That's why it's fun to write.

With love,

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at April 17, 2008 09:08 PM
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