Comments: Usual Suspects Face Blame Again

It sounds like your parents, especially your father, were very wise and gave you a great upbringing grounded in the right values. By the way, the West Bend "Stir Crazy" popcorn machine is one of the best kitchen appliances ever made.

Posted by Swammi in Solon at September 17, 2003 08:22 AM

Where do they go from there, anyway? Where is the impetus to succeed, to go out and work harder and smarter to improve one's quality of life?

My sister had a friend in high school who at one point owned not one, but TWO Corvettes -- a used one and a brand new one. Where does she go from there? She'd better marry VERY well. And what an example for any guy to have to live up to!

"My Daddy gave me a brand new Corvette, what can you give me?"

One of the greatest things a parent can give a child is the knowledge and understanding that there are rewards for hard work (and no benefits in particular for laziness). The parents in the story appear to be failing to give this very basic knowledge.

Posted by Kevin White at September 17, 2003 04:37 PM


You are most certainly right in that assessment.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at September 17, 2003 07:55 PM

With all due respect Ben, this is much ado about nothing. I highly doubt parents-spending-WAY-too-much on their children is pressing problem. More likely, this was simply an attempt by our friends at Fox News to sensationalize, scandalize, and generally make its own news.

You're a news man, Ben, and I used to be. We do this all the time in the journalism business. Our budget entries are looking a little thin, so we beef 'em up. We remember hearing something about some rich wackos somewhere buying $47,000 club houses for their children, and think, "'Aha! There's a great story idea!" So we put it on the budget, our editors eat it up, and we're on the front page with aggrandized news.

Don't get too depressed, Ben. It's not an issue. I assure you, most parents are still reasonable people, and most of those parents wealthy enough to be able to afford such things became wealthy for a reason: Hard Work. It's a virtue they are no doubt instilling in their kids. And if they're not? Well then, the family wealth doesn't deserve to continue, now, does it?

Matthew Schwartz

Posted by Matthew Schwartz at September 23, 2003 04:14 PM