Comments: Is It Football Season Yet?

I love your predictions and they make so much sense; I do believe the Titans are way better than what they look on paper. The NFC North is a win for everyone not in that division, and ya I'm saying it -- the Colts aren't goin' to win the south this time. Man, all I've got to say is, pure genius, bro. And the Browns will improve but ya not those Raiders, haha. And forget about it, Dolphin fans: they will only win a few, not several. Oh yeah, the Pats are still champs in the mold even without the cameras and thiefing -- OK OK, I'll stop, but ummm ... I do not think the Giants will do it again, but they sure will put up a fight .

But ya its go time and you are correct buddy.

Posted by Eric Johnson at June 23, 2008 03:38 AM
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