Comments: The Playoffs?! I Just Hope We Can Win a Game!

Ben, I used to think you were a die-hard Steeler fan. Then I read about this guy:

Now that's dedication!

Posted by Chris Weinkopf at December 17, 2007 02:45 PM

Now THAT is an amazing story -- although in some ways it doesn't surprise me a bit!

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at December 17, 2007 05:14 PM

Sorry Ben, that must have sucked....I think you should be more optimistic though, for this reason. I don't think you gave the game away yesterday as much as it was Jacksonville playing a great game. Sometimes you lose when a team outplays you. Most of the credit should go to them rather than blaming Pittsburgh for handing it away. That said, the same effort yesterday would be enough to beat hapless St. Louis and Baltimore. 11-5 ye shall be, as they will step up regardless. An injured Roeth is still a great Roeth.

My god, the Lions are awful. All I can really say about that.

Posted by simon from jersey at December 17, 2007 06:09 PM

I certainly agree the Jaguars played a great game. However, a big reason they played a great game is because our defense FAILED to do what it was supposed to do: namely, crush them with complete and utter impunity. So in that regard I have to blame my team for not getting the job done -- even if JAX came in and put in a great effort.

I agree that I should be optimistic. But I can't. Not when Cleveland and Tennessee are playing as well as they are.

The Lions have really been hot and cold this year and I am hopeful they'll do better and be more consistent next year.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at December 17, 2007 08:53 PM
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