Comments: Depressing Fortune Cookies Sweeping Nation

Ben, Ben, Ben. If the Wonton Food Inc. people hire fortune tellers to input real fortunes at $5 per cookie, who do you think is going to eat that cost? The restaurants, who would then pass it on to us. I'm not paying no $5 for a fortune that may or may not be applicable to me. I mean, what if my sister grabs the cookie before me and gets MY fortune? No thanks.

More likely, the notoriously financially-wise Chinese restaurant owners would simply stop purchasing fortune cookies, and then the tradition would cease to exist. And then we wouldn't get a crappy sugar cookie at the end of our meal. And you wouldn't want THAT now, would you?

No, the best solution is to hire CHEAP UNDOCUMENTED MEXICAN DAY PSYCHICS to give us our fortunes. Then we could still get fortunes, but for massive savings on the dollar. Awesome!

Posted by Matt at October 19, 2007 09:49 AM
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