October 24, 2008

Evil Baltimore Ravens Put Bounty on Hines Ward

OH, IT'S ON. Word has come that Terrell Suggs, a linebacker for the evil Baltimore Ravens, told a radio station the evil Ravens have placed a bounty on Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward. The team had tried but failed to get Mr Ward during their game last month, according to Mr Suggs, but this time around, Mr Suggs warned the evil Ravens "got something in store for him" during their matchup in December. Even more amazing, according to published reports, Mr Suggs said the Ravens -- who are evil -- had a bounty on Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh's running back, who was knocked out for the season during the Steelers-Ravens game last month.

Mr Suggs is now denying the team has a bounty on Ward, which conveniently comes as the NFL is investigating. Doesn't matter. It's too late. The cat's out of the bag.

Besides, even if the evil Ravens don't have a bounty on Ward, Mr Suggs' comments will make the Steelers think that they do, which means the Steelers are going to open an industrial-sized can of whoopass in Baltimore on Dec. 14. As a prelude to this, the Steelers have already come out and said they do not care if the evil Ravens had established a bounty, because Hines Ward does not care if you establish financial incentives to tackle him hard, and Hines Ward will knock you silly anyway. That is what Hines Ward does. But they do care, of course -- they'll just play that much harder. For now it is personal.

That said, how stupid could the evil Ravens be to tilt their hand like this? Honestly. Now the officials will flag them for even tiny offenses, and the league will examine their play with a fine-tooth comb. Plus, all the other teams will be especially angry with them, and make a point of beating them. Good decision there!

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