September 10, 2008

Classless, Yes. Dirty, Yes. But Still --

SO PARTISANS OF the University of Miami are upset with the University of Florida, due to how the football game between the two schools ended last week. It seems that Florida, which has overtaken the ne'er-do-wells of Miami over the past few years, crushed the Hurricanes something fierce. The score was 23-3 heading into the final minute. Then, Florida head coach Urban Meyer sent in his field-goal unit to kick a chip shot field goal with 40-something seconds to go.

This kick in the teeth, delivered when Miami was on the ground pleading for mercy, has prompted outrage and derision from Hurricanes fans. Retired professional football player Warren Sapp, the one-time Miami star, declared that Mr Meyer was a "classless dirtbag" for having the field goal kicked, while Miami coach Randy Shannon obliquely lit into Florida's program. That prompted a response from Florida quarterback Tim Tebow defending his coach.

Well, I for one am not going to disagree with Mr Sapp's sentiments. Kicking that field goal was classless and gauche. On the other hand, Mr Meyer had the field goal kicked against Miami. It's a tough equation to balance, it really is.

I mean, let's face it. If there's one football program that deserves getting trampled on and then having a field goal added to the score, solely for the purpose of adding to the team's misery and kicking them when they're down, it's USC. I mean, Miami. So can we really criticize Mr Meyer all that much? I don't think so. Sure, he shouldn't have done it, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not like he had the field goal kicked against Notre Dame or Elon or Murray State or Minnesota. It was Miami. So I think, when one looks at it all under the Rule of General Principle, Mr Meyer can be given a pass.

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