August 24, 2008

Pravda Means Truth

LIKE MOST AMERICANS, I had thought Pravda -- that infamous propagandist's organ -- had gone the way of the dodo when the Soviet Union collapsed back in 1991. So you can imagine my surprise tonight when I stumbled across Pravda Online, which is even in English. There's also apparently a print version, although it's not related to the online version and the two publications are entirely separate. But still. For our purposes, the online version is Pravda. And you know, things ... haven't ... really ... changed all that much. Look at some of the headlines:

"Russia's financial crisis of 1998 plotted by IMF"
"Condoleezza Rice and the insult to international diplomacy"
"NATO must not teach Russia on how to behave towards Georgia"
"Anti-Russian US Senator McCain may take Bush's position in 2008"

Only one of these is clearly marked as an opinion piece. Guess which one!

Although the outlandishness of the copy is a bit disconcerting, in a way it is good. You see, even those Westerners who would gladly sell their own mothers to the bolshies will pause when presented with such ham-handed propaganda. But then, I don't think subtlety was ever Pravda's strong suit.

(And along those lines: Дорогой президент Путин, пожалуйста не отравляет меня с радиоактивным чаем).

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