August 02, 2008

Trying to Hack The Rant's Computers is Not in the Olympic Spirit

SO I WAS TYPING AWAY at the computer tonight when I get a notice from my spyware program warning me it has blocked an attempt to violate The Rant's mainframe. Normally, I would ignore this, but being in a peculiar mood this evening, I spent a few minutes tracking down the attack as best I could. Disappointingly, the attack came from Hong Kong.

Dude. It is not in the Olympic spirit to try and hack The Rant's nerve center for nefarious purposes, particularly with the start of the Games just five days away. It is particularly not cool to attempt violating an American's computer with the Olympics so close, as our nations are supposed to be ... what's the phrase? Strategic partners? Yeah. Strategic partners. That'll work.

Anyway, in the spirit of Olympic friendship and peace, I forgive you. As a result, I shall wait until after the Olympic Games to pray for your stocks to turn into air, for your Government to throw you into prison and for you to contract syphilis.

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