July 06, 2008



Oh, what a joyous game! The sixth-seeded Grand Rapids Rampage defeated the first-seeded Chicago Rush 58-41, in an impressive, hard-fought playoff game in Rosemont, Ill., this afternoon, and what a victory it was. This is one game where I'm glad to have my prediction prove wrong, that's for sure.

We'll get to the victory in a bit, but I must first announce a major shift in my arena football loyalties. Previously, I had somewhat liked the Chicago Rush. But their unsportsmanlike antics throughout the game today have put them thoroughly in the evil column of my football loyalties scheme. As such, they must be destroyed.

While that was fortunately the outcome of today's game, I would call upon the Arena Football League to look over the game footage and assess heavy fines against certain players -- particularly defensive lineman John Moyer, who ganged up on Grand Rapids quarterback James MacPherson along with another Chicago defenseman. That was cowardly and pathetic. This does not mean you should fine Jason Shelley, who was only defending his quarterback when he ran 15 yards to bodycheck Moyer, resulting in Mr Shelley's ejection from the contest.

As Loyal Rant Readers have concluded, these two teams do not like each other much. This is understandable, given the long-standing divisional rivalry between the teams. But I am glad that Grand Rapids was able to keep its cool -- well, mostly -- during the game. It appeared to me most of the Stupid Penalties went against Chicago, and that's what you want when you're on the road and playing a tough -- if stupid -- team.

Now -- on to San Jose!

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