May 19, 2008

You've Gotta Fight For Your Right to Party

THERE'S SOME INTERESTING NEWS out of Colorado today. Apparently, the oldest son of Governor and Mrs Bill Ritter, August Ritter III, held a rather enjoyable party at the Governor's Mansion a few weeks ago in occasion of the boy's 22nd birthday. Unfortunately for the Governor, someone among the partygoers was a bit indiscreet and stupidly posted pictures of the bash on-line, which show that part of the party took place on the mansion's historic first floor, where art and antiquities are located. Oh dear. The Governor's son -- although properly attired given his surroundings -- is shown dispensing beer to a friend from the mouth of a beer keg and marching around with the Colorado flag which flies outside the mansion.

I must say I feel rather bad for Gov Ritter -- although only to a point. Since the party was apparently held with the approval of Gov and Mrs Ritter, it suggests the family is a bit cavalier about the lodgings which the people of Colorado have provided them. This is quite poor form and the people of Colorado should expect better from their chief executive. However, this does not mean I do not feel for the man: he has found himself brought into disrepute because of the actions of his son, and that must be highly embarrassing.

The Denver Post, which reported on the story, reports that the Governor has "talked" with his son about the matter. I know if I was in Gov Ritter's position, the word "talked" would have been replaced with the phrase "exploded with incandescent rage." It is one thing if one's son screws up -- all sons disappoint their families, and do so with alarming frequency -- but another thing entirely when those mistakes have a direct impact on the family's position. I know when I was growing up, the worst punishments I ever received were a direct result of embarrassing my parents, and I can bet the Governor's son found himself in the hot seat over this one. I mean, how stupid could the kid be not to tell his friends, "For the love of God, don't take any pictures, and don't post them on the Internet."

However, the Governor may have tempered his anger if he saw how people were reacting to the news before he spoke with his boy. Apparently, the people of Colorado don't think much of the story, and a full 42 pc see no problems with having kickass parties at the Governor's mansion -- they see this as proof the Ritters are regular folks.

For the record, I happen to like kickass parties, even debauched ones, but do think they should be held in places that can reasonably handle a bit of wear and tear. History has shown us That It's Really a Bad Idea to hold raucous parties in places where priceless items can get damaged as a result of the partygoers' inability to conduct themselves properly.

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