May 17, 2008

Karmic Justice

LOYAL RANT READERS may dimly recall an old incident involving Latrell Sprewell, in which the basketball player famously turned down a $21 million contract extension from the Minnesota Timberwolves, saying he had "a family to feed."

Perhaps Mr Sprewell might have gotten more sympathy if he had said he had bankers to pay, because it turns out he owes a few banks a bit of money. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, RBS Citizens Bank has foreclosed upon a house belonging to Mr Sprewell, on which the player owed $320,284 -- and that number will rise once the Scots add up all the fees and charges related to the foreclosure. Other outstanding debts include a $72,698 judgment for an unspecified debt and a $72,102 judgment for unpaid taxes to the state of Wisconsin. Also, Mr Sprewell's $1.5 million yacht was sold at auction to satisfy the yacht's note-holders, according to the paper.

Oops. Then again, maybe Mr Sprewell could turn this to his advantage -- he could show up at the foreclosure auction and choke the auctioneer, and parlay the resulting firestorm into an NBA contract with, I don't know, the Dallas Mavericks or something.

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