May 12, 2008

Steelers Ranked Seventh in NFL Power Rankings

AW, YEAH. GO STEELERS! It turns out our draft, according to people who write about these things for a living, turns the Steelers into legitimate Super Bowl contenders in the 2008 season. Oh, happy day! We're ranked 7th in the latest ESPN NFL power rankings!

What's that? OK, so we have to play against Teams No. 1 through No. 6 during the regular season. Yet, it is to laugh. Clearly the Steelers are on course to get "one for the other thumb," and cement our place in history as the only NFL team to have six Super Bowl rings.

True, there is also good news for the Cleveland Browns, which are ranked ninth. But this is fine, because the idea of the Browns defeating the Steelers, much less doing so in the playoffs, is too silly to even contemplate. Besides, if I did contemplate it, I would start to worry and we can't have that. So, to recap: Steelers, 7th in pre-season rankings, clear Super Bowl contender. We've got it goin' on!

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