May 07, 2008

So I Missed Something Here

ACCORDING TO The Los Angeles Times, Border Patrol officers working California's southern border are arresting and deporting illegal immigrants as the immigrants are heading back to Mexico.


Did I not get the memo or something?

I mean, I don't know about you, but it seems to me that if you have legions of illegal migrants trying to get into the country every day of the year, and you have legions of illegal migrants already in the country, it might make more sense to devote attention to those groups before focusing on the folks that are going back home. I mean, call me crazy, but an illegal migrant leaving the country and returning to his nation of origin isn't much of an illegal migrant.

Now, the Government does have a rationale for this practice -- according to the Times, the Government believes it a "productive way to stop dangerous criminals, drug shipments and money launderers."

I do wish the Times had gone into more detail about that point, because it might have helped justify why the Government is doing this. Certainly the money-laundering aspect of things makes sense, because we know that narcotics cash is smuggled across the border into Mexico. The criminal aspect also makes sense, if the Government is searching for dangerous criminals whom it believes are heading to Mexico. The drug shipment aspect seems a bit much, because the drugs would be going the wrong way, but then again, I am not a policeman.

Still, even if that was the case, wouldn't it make sense to just conduct searches of the vehicles as a matter of policy and then arrest only those who were actually caught trying to smuggle cash or escaping justice? Arresting illegal migrants who are spitting distance from their home country just doesn't seem very efficient.

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