March 22, 2008

Basketball Haikus (Part II)

No. 10 DAVIDSON, 82; No. 7 GONZAGA, 76

What! Gonzaga lost?!
Once again, my dreams are dashed
as the Zags are crushed

How did this happen?
Oh -- Davidson's star player
put up forty points?

Well, that would do it;
but I feel for Gonzaga
who once again failed;

After all, without
Michigan, just who am I
supposed to root for?

No. 12 WESTERN KENTUCKY, 101; No. 5 DRAKE, 99 (OT)
No. 13 SAN DIEGO, 70; No. 4 CONNECTICUT, 69 (OT)

Overtime glory
propelled underdogs to win
intense victories

Are there glass slippers
on these teams the sharps forgot?
Or hard boots of lead?

Perhaps the latter;
they could face UCLA;
but then again, no --

The Angelenos
are getting pounded tonight;
they're down by ten points.

Cinderella teams
could meet in the Sweet Sixteen
oh, how that would rule.

No. 7 WEST VIRGINIA, 73; No. 2 DUKE, 67

Oh, praise the Lord's sweet mercy!
For Duke has gone down!

There's a CBS poll
that asks for folks' reactions;
three of four like it.

One cannot complain
about Duke's ignomious loss;
their pride has cost them.

One could only hope
Duke's football team can improve;
they're not gauche at all.

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