January 26, 2008

I Know I'm Not Helping, But --

SO I WAS ON Yahoo! Finance checking stock prices tonight when I clicked on one of their annoying personal-finance articles with the oddly ungrammatical headline: "Surviving 2008 for the Middle Aged." I don't know why just "Surviving 2008" wouldn't have cut it, but hey. Anyway, I skimmed the thing, which had Bold Predictions in it, such as a likely rise in the price of basic staple goods. (You don't say). But it was the last line that got me chuckling: "The bottom line: 2008 is a good time to reduce debt and sit tight while building your job skills."

Uh, I know I'm not helping here, but isn't it always a good time to reduce debt and build your job skills? I mean, really. It's not like calamity never befalls people when times are great and everyone's in a good mood because the stock markets have performed well -- it does. Speaking of calamity, I understand it's a good time to buy gold. It's always a good time to buy gold, as James Lileks has cleverly noted, based on hearing radio ads for the last two decades on that subject.

For that matter, it's always a good time to lose 15 pounds, start eating right, take long walks after dinner, spend quality time with your spouse, play catch with your son and clean out the garage. Oh, and it's always a good idea to not play around with electrical sockets, to not stick your hand in the garbage disposal, and to not antagonize angry caged zoo animals. Tune in next week when we discuss how it's always a good time to regularly change the oil in your car, eat five servings of vegetables per day and shower on a daily basis.

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